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[Approved] (Front Site) Shall we track editing% as well as TL%?

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Title says most of it.


Reasons for bringing it up for discussion:

  • We get a ton of questions in our guest comments because currently, the percentage shown only is TL%. Some projects aren't really keeping up editing and TL speed, so a 100% translated game can be at 0% editing without any chance for the normal user of the site to know.
  • It's another useful step for project management features in my opinion.
Problems with it:
  • How do we display it on the "upcoming page"?
  • How do we handle VNTLS status updates from there on out if it gets implemented, as they only have one combined percentage?
Implementation details:
  • Add another line below "Translation Progress" here:

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<Zakaaeru> that seems loike a good idea yes nayleen, thoug hhard to implement in a scraper
<Zakaaeru> vntls entries do usually list % edited if available though
<Zakaaeru> think vntls % on site are based on % edited if its nonzero aswell, sometimes


im lazy

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Hm. I think that showing the edit of it is important. Seeing a game at 100% might give a false idea that it's coming soon, whereas in a lot of cases, because editing is still needed, it will still take a few months.

Seeing as how usually the edited part is the only one which is truly "ready for release" I think that's better than only showing tld lines.

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