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Spring Anime Season of 2021 *Final Update*

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Been meaning to post this and has a few series where I think are in their final season. There's going to be One Piece that I argue is possibly wrap up by the beginning of 2022, My Hero Academia might wrap up by Season 6 or 7 depends though, I'm excited for Eden Zero but I might wait until the season is done so I can marathon it. The only anime movie I might watch is the new Detective Conan Movie but I just wish the series would wrap up already. Those are my thoughts I just leave the link for you all to look at below.

Spring Anime List of 2021

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Kumo at number 2? Really? :badnicoman:

Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu, I believe, is something that a lot of people may unexpectedly enjoy. I'd say, go for it if you like stories with somewhat shoujo-ish feel without too much focus on the romance. The initial premise actually gets resolved pretty quickly, and after that it's just pure wholesomeness. It completely avoids falling into a trap that a lot of stories with a similar premise fall into, which is making everyone in the kingdom that summoned the MC completely dumb and irrational. I guess, with the exception of the prince guy, but otherwise we wouldn't even have a story, lol, and he's really not important. Also, I find the romance in this very wholesome, even if it's developing rather slowly.

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