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Hoshimachi Suisei (星街すいせい)

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Hoshimachi Suisei (星街すいせい) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive. While originally an independent VTuber who eventually was recruited into hololive, she is currently part of "hololive 0th gen" alongside fellow solo debutants: Tokino Sora, Roboco, Sakura Miko and AZKi.

Suisei is a modest, multitalented singer and aspiring idol who is among the more level-headed members of hololive, though she also has a childish streak. After her unexpectedly compelling performance as a traitor in a game of Project Winter, she gained a reputation for remorseless sociopathy behind a facade of polite sweetness. No one seems to know how much of the "Psychopath Suisei" persona is real or not, but Suisei herself acknowledges that it is extremely funny and has referred to the incident on multiple occasions.

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Suisei is one of those talents that particularly make me appreciate Hololive. A girl that was rejected in multiple idol agency for "lacking focus" (meaning she could sing, play instruments, draw...) and maybe wouldn't ever get into show-business without v-tubing... Pretty absurd considering what she does today and how most "actual" idols sound when they try to sing live. :P Quite like with Calliope, who worked two jobs on top of her rapping to get by in Japan and could barely manage to make music, it just feels right to see her getting some love and success in this formula.



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