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Hey, it's datOtakuGuy!! :D


The last post I made was regarding how to translate a VN, and I've been given great answers on how to do that. So, I took the time to browse through 'TLWIKI Tools' and installed a couple of extraction software; Susie, ExtractData and CRASS and the xp3tool created by insani (I think :blink: ).


I've also downloaded Fate/Stay Night since there were tools out there already (and even though it's already translated by MirrorMoon :rolleyes:)


After playing around with the different tools, I managed to grab the files containing .tlg at the end. As an example, I extracted "bgimage.xp3" using the xp3tool from insani. Of course, I didn't know how to open up the .tlg files, so I researched a couple of forums telling me how to use the Susie tool. 

It was a pain at first trying to turn the menu into English but I did it in the end B)  - but then I got confused, I used Susie on a .tlg file and it says "Notice: UnknownType...". I then realised you need to extract "bgimage.xp3" with Susie, so I did that and now it gives me the same error message. 


I'm assuming that this error is shown because it doesn't recognise the file type or something???


Any help would be appreciated, thanks again!  :rolleyes:

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