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Looking for some engines to reverse

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2 minutes ago, littleshogun said:

So can you tell me the program to open Purple Software video file? The extention is CMV, and looks like Corel would do the job. Although apparently I need a program called CMVS.GUI from one of VNDB thread, so I suspect that it might be related with the programming here. Sorry for being out of topic here.

CMV ? the game i have in front of me from purple soft uses MGV for its video

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Just now, littleshogun said:

Yeah I know that Seishun Fragile did use MGV, but in the older VN (ie Chrono Clock and Hapymaher) Purple Software did use CMV extention. In any case, did you know how to open it?

Not really, I just started looking at the purple software engine because i was asked to, i didn't have any knowledge about it beforehand so yeah i don't really know about the older ones

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Going the code detour way was definitely a good idea, now it allows me to exactly see when it tries to open a file


I now located the functions loading the ps3 and cpz files, i'll analyze them to reverse them

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