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Jun Maeda, Key and sports

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ever wondered if Jun Maeda or any of the staff of Key   are secretly jocks?     i've come to a conclusion of that because   Clannad has the baseball route  and then in some of the other routes  the clannad cast have a basketball game      and that's not all i also   hear that Little Busters is very baseball themed too..it is apparent that Jun Maeda or someone in his crew are sports degenerates...also to mention sunohara disturbing the rugby team and as a result either gets severely chided and/or gets his ass kicked for it.. baseball, basketball and STUPID RUGBY PLAYERS!! in clannad and the baseball theme in Little busters really   makes me wonder, is Jun Maeda and his crew secretly  a bunch of jocks?       and i wonder if are there are any jocks among the visual novel playing team

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I won't call myself jock, but now that you mention it KEY VNs surely featuring some sports with the most dominant one is baseball. And it's also show in the works that was created by Jun Maeda, in that there're baseball episodes in both of Charlotte and Angel Beats (It should be obvious that those two anime series were written by Jun Maeda). Note that while there's no baseball in Summer Pockets, there's still sport in there (Table tennis) in that it's integrated into the mini game.

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