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Report bugs for recommendation quiz

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11 minutes ago, bakauchuujin said:

Not a bug report but looks really cool, wish I knew how to make something similar to the search results part of that and the thing for each VN. Think something like that would have worked really well with the list I have of VNs with official english releases.


its possible to make, just to make another copy and make it load a new database. only problem is adding new ones as the old tools is lost and was apperently hard to use. im wokring on that part.. but im not a pro lol. and atm its manually adding to database. 

you can see the normal one here with genre´s etc. https://fuwanovel.se/genres.php

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4 hours ago, Zakamutt said:

the Contact Page link leads to fuwanovel.se; intentional? hQY2Nfm.png


14 hours ago, Dreamysyu said:

Not really a bug, but is it possible to implement that after pressing "Search" or clicking on the next page the screen would automatically scroll back to the top of the page?

looking into it. on the list ^^

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