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Hi, I'm Morgan or morgan_nicole. I just joined this forum today and am really excited to have a place to find out about interesting VNs!

I actually just recommended an Adventure VN in the VN Discussion section if you want to check it out. 

Also, I'm planning on sharing any progress I make with my own Visual Novel on my profile or in the 'Devlog' section.

So maybe you'll see a post about that pop up soon ; ) 

Speaking of which, what place do you think would be better to share my VN devlog? Any advice is much appreciated!

Well, nice meeting you!

-morgan nicole

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3 hours ago, Emi said:

Welcome,  its abit quiet here nowdays back and forth.  but, you could use the blog system here and make short snippets of the full one and link to yours.

or make a thread about youre game and apply for developer role and you can use the devblog for same thing. (or just post in youre thread)

other then on fuwa i guess reddit is an good option. dont know how those groups think about advertising tho :watame:

Great! Thank you for the suggestions! And also, great meeting you : )

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