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Nice to meet you all! I'm not too sure how to introduce myself, but I'll start by saying that mystery novels are one of my favorite genres (though I'm bad at solving them). One of the VN's that got me into this were Umineko no Naku Koro ni and Steins;Gate, I really loved them. Lately I've been playing Chaos;Head, Corpse Party Book of Shadows and the Infinity series (Ever17 and Remember11), which turned out to be really fun to play. Currently I'm trying Kara no Shoujo. I had it in my to-play list since a while ago, and now that I finished Chaos;Head Noah I can finally get into playing it.

And, hmm, aside from Visual Novels, I like Bullet Hell games such as Touhou and DoDonPachi. The reward of being able to beat them with one credit is amazingly fulfilling. The last time I beat one was like three months ago, so someday I'll try to play them again, hehe.
As I'm from South America and my english isn't that good, I kinda get nervous when being in conversations in real time, but I hope that isn't much trouble. xD

This is the first forum I'm actually joining, so I don't know what else to say- But I hope I can get along with you all!

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welcome and I hope you have great time here:) 

I love mystery novels myself and my favorite are Remember 11.

I recommend to give chaos child and I have just start to play chaos child myself and it seems like a interesting game.

I'm fan of RPG genre and my favorite are Dragon Quest XI S and Fairy Tail.

I love watching anime and my favorite anime are Inuyasha and Fairy Tail.

My favorite genre are Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Action, Romance and magic.

I love listening to music and I love pop, rock and hard rock.

Nice to meet you Sigma57f and I hope we can be friends.

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