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(IN DEVELOPING) Fading Sky [tragic][strong story][voiced]

German Espoir

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Team Beyond has started developing its Fading Sky pilot project!

Fading Sky is a visual novel storytelling game. This is a tragic and sad story set in a fantasy world after a global magical catastrophe. We were inspired by a series of games like Fate (Fate/stay night, Fate/Zero), Science Adventure (Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head), and of course Utawarerumono.

The main features of the Fading Sky gameplay:
- narration in the style of a visual novel with full voice acting (in English and Russian).
- two main characters, the player's choice.
- non-linear story with a choice.
- the ability to influence the fate of two worlds at once.
- Thoughtful and detailed dark fantasy setting.
- study of the history of the world and characters.
- torn pages of the book "The myths of Arret" describing the history of the world of Arret, which can be found in the most unexpected places in the game world.
- more than 10 story endings.
- eroge-element for PC versions of the game as a separate patch.

Fading Sky is a 2.5D RPG with fully animated scenes and characters. FullHD native resolution (1920 x 1080). A team of talented artists is working on this.

Fading Sky will tell you a tragic tale of the last moments of Arret's world. A story about those who will witness this, together with whom you will learn the history of the rise and fall of this once beautiful world.
The tension of our story will strike from the very beginning of the narrative and will increase as the reason for which three of our contemporaries ended up in this dying world is clarified. In an attempt to understand what is happening, they will somehow close the last chapter of this mysterious story.


Inspired by various fantasy stories and a little bit of Celtic mythology, we created our own universe, which we called Fading Dimension or simply FD. This is elaborate lore, at many the era before the events of this game.
We hope that Fading Sky will become just a small island in the Sea of Void of our history and a starting point for the implementation of all our ideas. We are also working on a card game in the FD universe rewound several eras before the start of the disaster.

The game is being developed on the studio's own engine FadingEngine, which is built on C++, OpenGL, and FMOD technologies, which allows the project to be ported to almost any of the well-known gaming platforms, from Windows/Linux to iOS/Android and even PS/XBOX.

History turns into legends, legends into myths, myths into fairy tales that are quickly forgotten. Perhaps once the world was different, lived according to different laws and unspoken rules, carried other creatures and other plants on its body. Served as a book for thousands of forgotten but massive stories.
One of these stories has not yet received a full ending. Although its beginning has long been forgotten, the trace still stretches from the depths of eras and grows with a heavy echo with each shift of hands of the world clock.
The beginning of the story has long been forgotten... but its end is near, and it will touch the three inhabitants of the city of Bristol, which is located somewhere in the British Isles.
2026, May 13th. From the very morning, it was raining, and the sky did not clear up that day again...

Soon, we plan to release a demo version of the game (Fading Sky: One dream before), which will become the zero chapter of the whole story, i.e. it will be a separate short backstory a few hours before the main plot of Fading Sky. We are also planning to release a trailer, where we are ready to show both an animated introduction to the game and some of the gameplay itself (where we will try to do without story spoilers).
After that, we hope to launch the company on Kickstarter or Pathreon (we haven't decided exactly yet, but we already have interesting material rewards for our future bakers).

We are glad that we have begun work on this project and sincerely hope that you will like it.

Subscribe to us on social networks:


Follow us on Twitter:

Leave your feedback - we welcome any opinion from our future audience, especially if it helps us expand our universe and, as a result, will interest you!
See you soon in the spaces of FD!

With you was a game designer and programmer, composer and screenwriter, and a little more the head and producer of the Fading Sky project German Espoir.


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I see a lot of people advertise their visual novels here, and this is the first one in a LONG time that actually has piqued my interest and impressed me. You seem to have genuine passion for not just your idea, but for visual novels as a medium. The premise for your VN is also quite interesting. Please keep us posted as you make progress! 

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49 minutes ago, Zalor said:

I see a lot of people advertise their visual novels here, and this is the first one in a LONG time that actually has piqued my interest and impressed me. You seem to have genuine passion for not just your idea, but for visual novels as a medium. The premise for your VN is also quite interesting. Please keep us posted as you make progress! 

Thanks for your opinion and attention. On behalf of the entire Team Beyond studio - we are very pleased with this opinion.
Of course, I promise to update this thread every time I have new information!

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About what's going with Fading Sky. Development Blog # 2

About two weeks have passed since the last blog, and we have a story to tell, but let's start in order:

1. The first and most important news for us and I hope for you was the emergence of our self-name! It was decided to come up with a name for us that matched our view of both Fading Sky and the game industry in general. There were several variants of the name, and the last of them turned out to be, although it was disassembled into parts, brought to the state of the quintessence of thought, but still one of them is the English word "Beyond", which in our understanding means something mystical, something transcendent and from that non-standard and alluring at his secret. So we're happy to introduce ourselves - we're Team Beyond, will we be friends? 😉
2. As noted above, our team has grown. And she grows on two wonderful and talented artists, whose work you can already see on the project pages. On this, the recruitment of artists for the project was closed. As before, the guys remain incognito for now. (Just think, I am the only absolutely not hidden person in the whole development - author's note).
3. Some time ago, we presented the first version of the Fading Sky press release was presented, in which we tried to describe our vision of the project in as much detail as possible. The press release will still be updated as the game takes on a stronger and more realistic shape. We'd love to feel it if you take a few minutes to read it and give us some feedback.
4. Finally, all the main characters in our history have been formed, after some time we will present them all to you, as soon as the art concepts are ready. At this moment, you can already contemplate Kate Goldsmid, who will play a far from a small role in our story.
5. As the LORE of the game is very multifaceted, inside the studio the question arose about adding gameplay elements to Fading Sky, different from the classic understanding of the visual novel. And you may have already noticed this by implied polls on our pages. Please do not skip these polls, as they will quickly make you the same contributor to the development as we are. After all, we make Fading Sky not only for ourselves but also for you!
6. Our engine FadingEngine has grown and matured, now it can play sounds/music and voices of heroes, it was decided to implement this moment using OpenAL technologies, but in the development process, FMOD was nevertheless chosen as a more modern and flexible tool. In addition, our engine has learned to draw multilingual text from Russian to Japanese (how can we do without the text in a visual novel?). Also, it realized everything needed to display the user interface and implement a simple animation system. A further difficult development step is the addition of character animation based on the Japanese technology Live2D, which one of the new team members offers, as well as the creation of a scene manager, with its own scripting language and editor, for faster, easier, and more convenient adding content to the game. And of course - work on bugs, like memory leaks and "amazing" works of some elements.
That's all for now, subscribe to our pages to keep abreast of the latest news on Fading Sky:
By the way, in addition to all this, we are very pleased with your interest in Fading Sky, as we observe not a strong, but confident increase in the number of people interested in us! Thank you very much and sincerely!
With you was a game designer and programmer, composer, and screenwriter, and a little more the head and producer of the Fading Sky project 
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We are pleased to announce that the main script for the first episode of Mitsuro Keito's plot in Fading Sky is complete and is currently in the process of editing.

In the first episode of story, the player will have to:
1) Get to know the world of Arret and most of the characters in the story (depending on the choice).
2) Become a witness to extreme cruelty.
3) Find yourself in the Dead Forest, and find out one of its secrets.
4) Visit the "city" of Esgraas.
5) Learn about the events of the ancient cataclysm and its consequences.
6) Dig into ancient archives.
7) More than once to meet his death.

...and also help the old Healer of Souls, enter into an unequal battle several times, face a number of other game mechanics and possibly save someone from certain death (but far from being successful), but doom someone to death.

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