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[Recruiting] Sakura Iro Dreamer (UI Patch released)

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I started a translation for Sakura Iro Dreamer, a novel by ALCot, with the Hololive character Sakura Miko. It's a short story, but it's only been released in japanese, so I would like to translate it to english. My japanese is very basic, and doing it myself would take a painful amount of time, so I'm looking for people knowing japanese for the translation.

I've already translated the main parts of the UI, and will continue with that until it's finished.


UI images are translated, except for some redundancies and buttons that have both EN and JP text. Both of these will get translated too. UI that is handled as text(Like the preview box at the right) are still untranslated, but I will take care of that after I finish the rest of the UI, as these aren't really important.


As of now, I only need translator/s, I can do everything else by myself, as there isn't anything else particularly complex or hard to do.

To apply, just message me and I'll send you the text dump for you to translate, thanks in advance.

UI Patch(MEGA)

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20 hours ago, Infernoplex said:

A friend of mine has already been working on this project. Here's his UI TL. Anyway, he'll release the full TL sometime next week (but before Sakura-iro Dreamer gets removed from the store, which is on 25th).

What progress has he made? I got a translator, so maybe we could help.

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