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Cardcaptor Sakura NIS Blu-Ray complete series

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so i finally broke down and bit the bullet on this series for $130 shipped, coming to the acute realization that i just wasn't going to find it for any cheaper, at least not at this degree of Audio/Video quality.

eight episodes in, and, indeed, already worth the wait and the price, it is so good-natured and Adorable, the animation is great (for a T.V. series) and it's humor is incredibly witty and tasteful.

Sakura-chan, in the form of the old 2000 TRENDMASTERS U.S. edition of the late-90's BANDAI wire-bendy-body doll, was among my first gateway girls into the Anime doll collecting/customizing scene;


in 2017, when TAKARA/TOMY all-too-briefly reissued their "Liccarize" series doll, i jumped on her, eventually getting a new OBITSU BODY 26 for her as well, far and away superior to the standard TAKARA "Licca" fashion doll body she came with;






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