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Winter 2021 Anime Discussion

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It's time for a new anime season, I guess? :iamslain:

First of all, we have a continuation of the new Higurashi anime. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this show so far, and I'm personally intrigued to see where it will go. At the same time, I wouldn't really recommend this one to anybody other than the fans of the original VN or anime, because I don't really think it's a good place to start (though I doubt anyone on this forum would start with this anime lol) and the way it basically repeats the story of the original game with some small changes here and there will probably feel very boring for some people who aren't really invested in the series that much.

I'm also kind of curious in another anime that has a new season right now, The Promised Neverland. I haven't realized before now that the first season existed, but I've heard some really intriguing comments about the manga, so I guess I will give this a try. Starting with the first season, of course.

And then we have multiple isekais that are actually supposed to be good.

First of all, we have a new season of Re;Zero, but personally I'm not really excited. I liked the first season, but, honestly, I've seen a lot of much better isekais since then, and I still need to catch up with the previous season. I may try watching it if I'm in the mood, but I'll probably skip it for now.

Mushoku Tensei is another skip from me for now since I'm going to read the LN first. This one is supposed to be really good or something, but nobody really says why, so it's a mystery for me for now.

Then we have a new season of the Slime anime. The first episode already came out, but it's just a recap of the previous season. Honestly, I'm kind of torn about this one for now. I liked the first season and want to see more, but I also feel like I should probably switch to the LN since some commenters said that the anime skipped some stuff, but I'm also not sure if I liked it enough to reread the whole story from the beginning, so it may be better to just stick to the anime.

And we finally have an adaptation of So I'm a Spider. So what? I was really excited about this anime after it was announced, but I was also a bit worried that the adaptation wouldn't really give the source material justice, but, basing on the first episode, it seems to be doing things pretty well, so I can finally recommend this series without much doubt. Honestly, I feel like even some people who don't generally like isekais might enjoy this one. At least if they get to the point where the MC finally leaves the labyrinth, since the beginning is somewhat slow. It's a story that is really good at subverting the common genre cliches without being disrespectful to them or turning into a parody. Overall, it's a good mix of a solid plot and genuinely funny comedy, which mostly comes from the MC's narrative. The writing makes a very good use of multiple perspective and is really good at hiding things in a plain sight. Overall, the first episode captured everything pretty well, but they also weren't afraid to make changes where they were needed. I can't wait to see how the anime-only viewers are going to react to some really insane plot twists later on. :)

PS. Also, I love how the opening is basically filled with foreshadowing and semi-spoilers, but you probably aren't going to get them unless you already know the story.

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