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Hello, Hope this is the right session (First time creating a topic) anyway

I recently finished the Grisaia Trilogy and oh boi i loved it, I didn't knew Phantom Trigger existed till a couple of days ago and since steam winter sale is up, I was wondering if should i or should i not try it, Since i really enjoyed the slice of life the main games had, and since this one is from the same company that made the main series i thought that maybe i would like this one as well, what are you people thoughts? Should i get it or avoid it?

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It depends on what you like about Grisaia, is it the theme (action/military/spy things), characters (Phantom Triggers series focus on different characters), or most importantly, the romance/sexy scenes? If you like the overall theme, then sure, maybe you like it. But if not, then maybe you should try something else. They're vastly different than Grisaia trilogy, more... slice-of-life and mainstream friendly.

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I didn't even realize until just now that Vol. 7 is the final installment and conclusion to the story. I read Vol. 1 back when it was released in 2017 and enjoyed it for the most part, but since I'm generally not a fan of episodic releases, I decided to put off reading the other volumes until they were all available. I'm kinda swamped with other games and VNs right now, but I'm definitely delving into Phantom Trigger again sometime next year!

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