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Hi everyone~ (I don't know if this is the place to ask for these kinds of things,but) I've started playing hakoniwa logic, (yeah the translation is not good,but imo better than not being translated at all ._.), but I for some reason cannot go further in the game when I need the keys. The game said about needing keys and meanwhile you get them by playing the "side characters" stories. But i've finished them all, yet the game still demands me to get the keys.

jp48LuH.jpg As you can see I've finished all the stories, but kirika's and koko's. But I can't go on. Perhaps anyone knows a solution? Thank you! :)

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Kirika(The door that is blocked) is only available after finishing Koko route.

Follow this walktrough http://www.otakulair.com/english-visual-novel-walkthroughs/the-logic-of-the-miniature-garden-walkthrough-hakoniwa-logic-sakuragame-cabbit/ and be careful with opening the extra menu as u go to the title screen and lose the key without starting game with info inherited.

Koko (How Does Eri Work) key should already be opened, choose The (Try to buy a lottery) and then choose the option "no".

If it doesnt u probably lost the key so u will have repeat the story that unlocks that one which is finishing Shizuku route.

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Ahh okk, thank you!

Uhm, where is the 

Scene recovery *Available after finishing Kirika’s route

  • Start game with info inherited (flowchart)
  • Go to Find Moemi?
  • Go see Senpai Sakuraba.

    Is it in the main storyline or in the extra menu's? Since I can't find it or i'm blind lol

    Well I went through moemi's route, but it just doesn't make sense, shouldn't it have been more of a deeper storyline, than just like 7 different messages within the storyline of moemi?

    Wasn't in one of the ''garden episodes'' it was said there's going to be a story koko/moemi being in trouble?
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