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I want your personal recommendations

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I'm looking for something fun, something that doesn't bore you with a lot of pointless scenes that serve no purpose. Something that keeps you intrigued all the way through and when you finish it or a certain route, you won't feel like you wasted your time.

I'd like to avoid the ordinary stuff because it's generally boring, give me something that mix it up with something supernatural or over-the-top (not the stupid kind), or some mystery/horror (although there's barely anything of interest atm in that department).

Avoid the negative tags like rape, ntr, etc. Also, I'd rather have a satisfying positive closure so not even bittersweet endings, maybe a little but not too much that'll ruin your mood. Avoid Nukige and Moege too, as the first is generally boring and the other generally has forced drama and boring (meaning: no Yuzusoft stuff).

If I have to mention what I'm interested in:
- Great common route on its own or something that's mingled in a good with with the other routes.
- Nice artstyle, old or new doesn't matter as long as they look good and like, not moe and childish. Something like Majikoi for example.
- Interesting, fun(ny) interactions between characters. Example: Kazuki Fumi's characters, not only I liked the VNs that I was interested in from him, his routes can be a hit or miss but I always find that good one, his characters interactions are really fun.
- Family members or friends that have some heartwarming moments with protagonist.
- A bit of the protagonist himself. Sure, plenty of VNs focus on heroines but I'd like the protagonist to have something or some backstory, or something interesting about him that gets resolved through one of the routes (common included).
- Older heroines, please! Either senpai-level or older.
- While I'm at it, are there some good harem/threesome routes? Like the


Hound Squad and Itagaki family from Majikoi, Nanairo Reincartion (not route) and Uchi no Koibito.

- I don't mind lighthearted and chill atmosphere btw, as long as it's interesting.

By the way, you don't have to recommend a whole title, if it's only 1 route that you liked in an overall bad VN (in your opinion), recommend it. It's not like I'm going to read everything, I want to know what people liked and maybe something will take my interest.

I can post some of my favorites if it helps?

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Istoria, an (untranslated) VN with the best common route I've ever seen, comes to mind. Barely any "pointless" scenes and no boredom. Good interesting characters, including some depth for the protagonist. Not light- or warmhearted, but rather oppressively depressing throughout.


The endings range from fine to happy, however. With the exception of an avoidable bad end.

However, you might want to avoid my thoughts on it if you don't want to be discouraged from reading the game.

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Ayakashibito (translated)- Doesn't have harem elements, except for one of the endings in Tonya's path, but there are no real meaningless scenes in the game, and while the endings aren't happily ever after, they are good in the sense that the characters are still moving forward with life (even if that life is a bit violent).   Exception is one of the Suzu endings.

Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana (Untranslated)- I recommend this game for pure feels, since you'll probably end up crying through two-thirds of the game, with the last part (centered around the individual routes) is happy in comparison.

Evolimit (untranslated)- Great story, great characters, plenty of manzai-style comedy, and great action.  Also great feels.  Generally an exhilirating game to play, one threesome ending.

Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier (untranslated)- This is a steampunk version of the bakumatsu (Meiji restoration) era focused around Okita Souji.  If you avoid the true history routes (Hijikata and Kondou) then the endings are pretty awesome.  The downside is that, if you choose either of the two other 'arcs' one of the heroines will die (both die in the true history).  All endings in the 'new history' arcs are threesomes and are excellent.

Draculius (untranslated)- One true ending and one joke ending.  This game has a really great atmosphere, good story and a great cast of characters, with decent comedy.  Also, the true ending is a harem ending and the joke ending is a threesome.

Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no (Being translated)- I recommend this one despite a lack of comedy because, if you stick to the 'main school' routes, there are almost no 'wasted' scenes, despite the game's length.  All the scenes go to enrich the characters or the routes, without exception.  Each of those three routes is beautiful in its own way, for differing reasons.

Komorebi no Nostalgica (Untranslated)- Again, no wasted scenes, despite being SOL-heavy.  I seriously recommend this game if you have any interest in sci-fi and sentient AI heroines, and the setting of this game is unbelievably well-made.  Humor is mostly character-based (Akira in particular often ends up being a running joke).

Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary (untranslated)- Excellent story, interesting characters, and a fascinating alternate view on certain aspects of culture that tend to get lost in the shuffle.  There are no wasted scenes, but there are a number of 'normal' or 'bad' endings in addition to the main heroine endings, which are generally good, if not perfect.  Oh, and the protagonist is inhumanly badass, lol.

Tiny Dungeon (series, untranslated)- Recommend this for old-style harem, slapstick humor, and good story.  It does have somewhat more SOL than the others on this list, but it is good humorous or ecchi harem sol, so it generally works out pretty well.  This series is actually a straight-line of sequels as a single story, despite each game having an 'ending'.  

I could keep going, but I need to go get dinner, lol.


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13 sentinels aegis rim. Not a traditional vn, but its text heavy and always keep you glued to the screen with little meaningless fluff.

Utawarerumono - has sol scenes, but they're almost never bad and you grow to appreciate them as the game øs progresd.

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