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Axanael Translation Project - NOW RECRUITING (Demo Release Out!)


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For the past few months, I've been tinkering with the idea of translating one of my favourite games, Axanael. While you may have heard of it if you were looking
to learn Japanese through Visual Novels, it's considered a relatively more obscure title from Nitroplus' catalogue. It's not a particularly highly praised game, and
it didn't even sell well as far as I know. Nitroplus themselves seem to prefer forgetting it, not bothering to give it any sort of digital release. It's a niche game for a
niche crowd, one that I suspect doesn't totally overlap with a fair bit of people expecting a certain type of narrative from Visual Novels. It's not particularly likely to
get a localization from JAST over any other, more popular, more highly received Nitroplus game, especially when it contains numerous references to Sumaga, a
title that's been in localization hell for the past decade. 

So about a month ago, I said "Fuck it, if no one else will do it, I will", and began translating the demo by myself. I love Axanael, it's a game that inspired me greatly
ever since I first played it and the kind of thing that made me fall in love with Otaku media in the first place. Its issues don't matter to me whatsoever in comparison
of things in it that make me love it, so I wanna do the best I can to bring it to more people I think could genuinely enjoy it. The problem is that I'm only one girl. One
girl who's still a relative amateur in comparison to professionals who could do a much better job than me. Also, doing everything yourself on a game like this is uh, really
hard, and includes skills I can't even pretend I know much about. I'm sure this will be visible in this demo release. But that's exactly why I made it.

This release is rough, I've had to do all the translation work myself, so there's definitely stuff to be improved on. I know basically nothing about coding, so the typesetting
and menus totally suck. I don't really like image editing, so I pushed a lot of that onto my friends (Thanks guys), who themselves can't do any of the more complicated
stuff that's in this demo and the final game. I want to do this game justice, and I know I can't do that alone. So I made this demo release to hopefully get some people
talking, get the word doing, and show them how devoted I am to seeing this through. If you see potential in this, enjoy any part of it or think you can improve on it, then
I hope you reach out to me and help make the full release a reality.


Google Drive



Occasional Image Editing: vimiani
Testing: Everyone above and Sarieli, Croowe, DontWorryYuri, ItsRigs (Special kudos to Rigs for also figuring out how
to sub one line on Nitori's first scene among other things.)  
Logo Design: Kamigigana
Literally everything else (Translation, FlowBoard design, occasional image editing, scripting, bad menus, etc.): VampyricMaid

Contact Info:


So, if you're a translator, editor, image editor or programmer, and would like to help based on what you've seen in this release,
please email me at [email protected] with the following:

Your name/Online Handle and Discord tag.
A bit about yourself and your experience in the role you're applying for.
Example of your past work.
What you think you can bring to the table over other people currently applying.
Favourite character from the Axanael cast.

After sending an email, if I like your style, I'll reach back via Discord and we can talk more of the details out.
These will be open until mid January to early February, with full production hopefully starting around that time.
As long as this paragraph hasn't been edited, assume we're still looking.
EDIT: We're done searching for the time being, but thank you to everyone who sent an email!

Feel free to ask me anything in case you need clarification or further details I may have forgotten to include here.

If you don't think you can apply into any of these roles, but still want to help, please spread word of this demo around! I want anyone who
could possibly help with it to know. I'll be maintaining the patch for the next week for any big issues with it that I can fix (Mostly typos
or big mistranslations that slipped under my nose), but after that I'll be done in order to scout people for the full project.

Thank you for reading all of this. I hope you have a good day and enjoy the demo. Oh, and early happy new year, I guess!

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Good luck with getting the staffs needed there, and hopefully you'll manage to translate the full version of it completely. Also I'm sorry that I can't help you with it, because I didn't understand much about programming in VN engine.

PS - Interesting to note that the core staffs of Axanael is also the core staffs of Kimikoi, although obviously the content of both works will be very different.

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This VN seems awesome. I remember a while back when I was attempting to practice Japanese reading when I had time this was probably the VN that I stuck with the furthest. Very exciting and engaging with lots of quirky looking and sounding characters. I've always held hopes that someone would either pick this up for localization or fan translation. I very much what you not only will do, but what you have already done. 

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On 1/14/2021 at 9:27 PM, danktememe said:

Demo crashes at launch :(

I figured out a fix - change your non-Unicode language settings to solve this issue. I also recommend letting the application control the DPI Settings, otherwise the game will be too zoomed in if you start it in fullscreen mode. After these changes, the game can still appear slightly blurry due to subpixel rendering and the assets not being designed for high-resolution screens.

Great work overall, and I hope to see this project make some headway!

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