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Amano Pikamee (天野ピカミィ)

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Amano Pikamee is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber under VOMS Project.

Pikamee is very energetic and often laughing at the smallest things. Despite this, she is very reserved and shy in real life. She frequently jokes about having "no friends," although she also occasionally recounts stories involving her friends, she even invited Agomy (her only otaku friend) to the stream on June 16 2020.

She is known to use Japanese phrases like "sousousou" and "dakara," even when speaking English.

Her usual greeting is "Ohao!" and her sendoff is "Otsupika!" (a combination of "otsukare," meaning "thanks for coming," and "Pikamee").

YouTube | VTuber Wiki

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Pikamee the Kettle... Probably the first hafu vtuber that actually used the fact of being bilingual in an extensive fashion, doing streams that can appeal to both audiences at once. She's also an interesting case because of the VOMS project itself, which is a semi-independent formula – the IP and the rights to produce merchandise stays with the project's founder, but the girls seem to have full rights to other profits and manage their work themselves.

I quite like her content and mannerisms, but at the same time she has the tendency to shout all the time which is not very compatible with the way I usually watch vtuber content (as background noise or to relax before sleeping). 😛Still, it's a rare success story of an indie JP v-tuber and I can see why she made it this far.

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