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Hobbyist VN creator, Hoping for some feedback!


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Hewwo! I just recently learn to make visual novel (OELVN) and I hope this is the good place to share my works and get some feedback.

My newly released project is ALLBLACK Phase 1, and while it's not really your typical VN, I really appreciate if you interested to read it :)

I am also freelance artist in the free time while not working in any projects, feel free to reach me on Discord if you need me!

Thanks before!

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grammar sucks
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Welcome to Fuwa! Always glad to see creators putting new material out there. :)

One friendly suggestion: have a native English reader go through your script. While I haven't played the full VN yet, your Steam screenshots have enough anguished English in them ("I look at the both of my hands", "despite the sky is still shrouded") that it might easily dissuade someone from downloading/playing the game. You've clearly put a lot of work into this, so it's worth the extra effort to make sure that readers can fully immerse themselves in the world you've created.

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Yeah, I got a bad batch of gas station sushi and ended up in a medically induced coma for the past four years. Just woke up this morning. Anything interesting happen while I was out? Can’t wait to finally see how Game of Thrones ends...

@NSAID: I totally get the low/no budget dilemma. Been there, done that, got the off-brand t-shirt. Maybe just tack it on your v2.0 to-do list? 😀 

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Thanks for the warm welcome ^_^ I think there are a lot variety of OELVNs now, also a lot of creators!

Also do you have any idea, is there any website that specifically reviews OELVN or VNs in general through submission? It might be a good start to seek feedback.

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