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Bishoujo Mangekyou -Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo- (美少女万華鏡2) Translation Project

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Maidens' Kaleidoscope -Forget-me-nots and the Everlasting Rosebud-



General Information

Original Title: 美少女万華鏡 -忘れな草と永遠の少女- (Bishoujo Mangekyou -Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo-)

Developer & Publisher: ωstar

Official Pagehttp://www.omega-star.jp/biman2html/

Artist: 八宝備 仁 (Happoubi Jin)

Scenarist: 吉祥寺 ドロレス (Kichijouji Dolores)

Director: 六道 輪廻 (Rokudou Rinne)

Release Date: 27th July, 2012



Our protagonist, Kanzaki Akihito, was once a cheerful, vigorous young boy.

Having grown up carrying a heart disease, childhood friends were no more and being absent from school became the norm.

Among those childhood friends, Sawatari Shizuku Akihito's first love, broke all form of communication with him, which cast a shadow over his already fragile heart.

He felt as if she had betrayed him.


As the gloomy days pass by, Shizuku reappears in front of Akihito...

The story gradually progresses, in ways they could've never imagined...





Translator: Eschasintra 

Editor: heartattacks

18+ Editor: anonymous 

Proofreader: Hata (VNI)

QA: Funnerific

Programmer: AtomCrafty 

Image Editor: Hubb2001

Marionette's first translation project. Special thanks to @Arcadeotic.


Links & Progress

Progress Tracker & Contact (Last Update : available on the site)https://forget-me-not-marionette.carrd.co/

BlogComing Soon




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5 hours ago, glupak said:

Good project choice. This and Bishoujo Mangekyou -Kami ga Tsukuritamouta Shoujo-tachi- are the Bishoujo Mangekyou  games I've wanted translated. Maybe if all goes well on this one you can do that one as well. Good luck.

If everything goes well, I do plan on translating Biman 3 as well. Biman 4 will be left to Euphemic and we will see for Biman 5.

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