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A rookie's VN progress

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So  I am a newbie and  my VN is an otome dating sims where you romance aliens. And I suddenly realized that non-humans might not be what the majority prefers... But I swear, I made them as humanoid as possible! I wonder if other people are as attracted to them as I am. I mean, I did draw my preference afterall so I'm abit biased hehe.  Side note, I would love to make new friends with starting out developers too!

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Yup, alien LIs are something people appreciate. Probably less human-like ones too. If you throw in an android one you also get an 80% chance to summon a wild @MaggieROBOT. ;)

Seriously though, all kinds of variety and unusual themes will get attention. Otome, just like other VNs, are a bit stale when it goes to types of characters one can romance, don't be afraid to go outside the usual tropes. Even if people are not specifically into aliens they'll be happy to see something new.

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