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Hey! I hope you're all well.

I'm from Europe and am wanting to "get into" Visual Novels. My first VN was Danganronpa back in 2015 or so, and my latest is Root Letter. While neither are my favourite, I still like both. I actually Platinumed Root Letter a few months ago! I think my favourite VN is The 25th Ward.
I am unsure how many VNs I've played, but I hope to play every English one there is! Some day.
I don't have a set favourite or least favourite, but if I had to choose... My favourite(s) would be Sci-fi or Mystery, my least comedy. I do try to enjoy everything, though.

Outside of VNs, I like other game genres (JRPGS, rhythm, SRPGS...), anime, manga, LNs, baking and music!

I'm happy to make some friends and this community seems fun, from my lurking. I hope we can all get along ^^

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17 hours ago, alpacaman said:

Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your time here! Also, a fan of The 25th Ward? Those are pretty rare. Have you played the original The Silver Case or Flower, Sun and Rain?

Hello! Thank you very much :)

I haven’t played them sadly but I hope to soon. The Sliver Case is more accessible to me so I think I’ll play it before FSR. That and I think I played the games backwards aha. I’d like to correct it and have more of an understanding of the plot and characters!

Suda51 seems to be an amazing writer so I actually want to play all his games lol. 

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