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Fate/EXTELLA LINK - inquiry relating to play/read order


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So considering that the steam autumn sales started while browsing around I saw said fate game on discount and noticed that it is actually a action game which is right up my alley, now I have read fate stay night but nothing else, I really want to read other fate related stuff but I also want to not hate life and be depressed for the next few months as well, my question now being is it okay to play Extella or should I read some other fate VN's beforehand or watch some animes <and if so which ones>? I'm not very familiar with the series outside of stay/night. I think fate zero is a prequel or something and I have seen other names around like grand order and such but I have no clue about those.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. 

Bear in mind I prefer to go into VNs and games blind, I don't usually read the steam description or the VNDB description of things I plan on playing to keep as much of it as a surprise.

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If you want the full experience you should wait. 

Why? First, fate extella link is the last game of the serie and goes by this order: Fate/Extra -> Fate/Extra CCC -> Fate/Extella -> Fate/Extella Link.

Note that this serie is unrelated to fate Stay Night, Fate Extra CCC is not translated (yet?), and Fate Extra is having a remake on the way (no TBA yet), but here is a preview 

and their website: http://typemoon-bb.com/record/

It will be localised, but they are not even halfway through, and from what I heard, they don't plan to localise the sequel (CCC) because too much echi... But you have a non official team working on it, though they lied for years about their progress, didn't want to share any info at any cost and refused potential translators solely to hide their statut and sometime kicked out of their discord people asking too much questions lol. They became clearer lately and show some progress from time to time so maybe you'll be able to see a patch after Record is out, maybe...

Well, CCC is the best game for the moment, you should wait for the Record while learning japanese for CCC, then you can player Extella and Link and have a better experience.

Just so you know, this girl on the video is not the same Tohsaka Rin you know, but the Archer is the one from Fate Stay Night, same goes for Guilgamesh on CCC, where you can pick him as your own servant.

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