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Looking for a walkthrough for Kakyuusei


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Hi, as explained in the title I am looking for a walkthrough for this game. This my first Elf game, and the dating sim system is kinda new to me, and very confusing... For example, if you change the map 5min will pass (and you might encounter a character or start an envent only if you are at the right place at the right time), if you want to enter into a character route, you might need to up your affection toward another girl, etc etc.

I would like a japanese walkthrough just for my first experience, if someone happens to know one, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

PS: I already tried "下級生 攻略", but no luck, and the game is very old.

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5 hours ago, Narko said:

PS: I already tried "下級生 攻略", but no luck, and the game is very old.

If that search didn't give anything, then I'm afraid it might be lost cause :( Even if the game doesn't have walkthrough on sagaoz or seiya-saiga, searching for "game title 攻略" usually provides links to some obscure pages or blogs where there should be something...

I also played old PC98 VN recently - Love Escalator, but was able to find walkthroughs/guides. It's only two years younger than Kakyuusei. And I'm a bit surprised, since Elf games seem to be more popular...

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