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Love Letter From Thief X discussion

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Love Letter From Thief X discussion.

So I want to talk about Love Letter From Thief X From Voltage Inc it's a Otome game.

Here it's information about gameĀ https://voltage-inc.fandom.com/wiki/Love_Letter_from_Thief_X

it's great game with beautiful story and artwork are simple amazing.

I really love Riki story very much, it really touched me and I loved how he open to heroin and tell her how he feels about her and I loved his relationship for his sister Ibuki.

I'm going to get his other endings and then I'm going to get all ending for guys like Takato.

I loved scenes where Riki lot Tatsuro hit him because of his feelings for heroine.

I really recommend to give Love Letter from Thief X a try and it's much better on Switch and you can get all endings without paying for it.

So have someone else give Love letter from Thief X a try? What do you think about it?

I give it 9/10 since I wish heroine had voice and we could see her face.

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