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Looking for good VN with Trap Heroine

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Hello ~ I definitely not register to this forum just for ask this .
But, Today,  I just looking for Good VN which have Trap as Heroine 

First of all, the one I looking for is not something like "Full Gay Nukige" or somethin,
What I looking for is VN with proper Story .... (with Trap Heroine on it) ...

Ideally speaking, The VN I ask for is not labeled with ONLY TRAP heroine, But Just ONE OF heroine (but male) 
means, There is female heroine as well. 

BUT that's only ideally speaking, I'm okay too with only trap heroine VN, But I hope it has proper story like I mentioned before.

kinda confusing right ? I know I ask something too specific and definitely, Too annoying to answer 

But, If someone there kind enough to understand me and know something about VN I looking for, I really appreciate it
The perfect Example of VN I looking for is :

Yome Juu !:  https://vndb.org/v9175 <ideally

Jousou Kaikyo https://vndb.org/v12273  <okay too

Thank You ^^

>> Perfect 11698.jpg

p/s : Not Trap Protagonist, Exclude steins;gate since I already finish that
p/s/s : I'm not gay

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