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Chinese text not properly extracted

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Hi, guys. I`m new here, and I need your help. Down below is a copied post from Textractor`s Github page. Nobody replied there, so I decided to try my luck here. 

" I`m currently trying to read a chinese version of Muramasa, and Im facing the following problem: when I`m trying to make the programm hook the ingame text, it shows me some weird random chinese characters instead of the proper text shown in the game`s window. It also contains some rubbish and symbols like squares and stuff  (I`ve fixed this problem by using different font). The code is 936, so I guess the text should be extracted properly, but well it is not. The programm was working just fine with Kamaitachi no Yoru, but with Nitro+ games and Sayonara o Oshiete I face the same issue.
Any way to fix it?
Thanks in advance."

So, that`s basically it. I also should mention that I`ve tried other programs, including VNR and ITHVNR. ITHVNR gives me some gibberish "japanese" text, the size of which correlates with the ingame text. I also use Locale Emulator with needed presettings to run the programs.  Here are the pics that show how it actually looks. Sorry if that`s a dumb question, I`m kinda new to this hooking thing. 


ITHVNR`s variant:


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