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How to configure Textractor for Gibomai?


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I'm using this version, which has the two games on the DVD. The only way I got it to work with MTLs was Textractor + Translation Aggregator.

Now, I don't know if the reason is that the games are 20 years old, but Textractor simply refuses to work correctly. After a bit of tweaking, I've gotten the cleanest results using these hooks:

1D:1E6C:74D75700:690403FD:0: ExtTextOutA (HS18@0:gdi32.dll:ExtTextOutA)

28:2EA8:74D75700:690403FD:0: ExtTextOutA (HS18@0:gdi32.dll:ExtTextOutA)

Even so, kanji continue to crop up randomly and I have to track them down by cross-referencing the text from the game and the one from Textractor's extra window and fix the sentence in TA. I guess the problem is the game resolution is fixed at 640x480, which makes the text box/symbols tiny and Textractor messes them up. Can anyone recommend better hooks?

On a related note, am I right to assume that the UI is beyond the capabilities of programs such as VNR to capture? I'm talking about these screens:


I've played Akabur's Princess Trainer, so what these are and how they work looks familiar to me. Upper left, the lady's "stats", as they were. Upper right, the various activities you can make them do, which modify said stats and unlock different CGs. On the bottom is a chart of the various scenes that transpire when certain stat thresholds are reached, I guess. My problem is, this is the main screen, how you play the game, so knowing what they say is essential. Can I somehow configure Textractor or VNR or whatever to at least capture the buttons on the upper right?

Another thing that comes to mind is to extract the game data and hunt these down in the script. Anyone know what engine this runs on? Heck, I'm even inclined to cobble together a UI patch, provided the necessary tools aren't too difficult or time-consuming to learn.

Or I can overcome my laziness and dive into some dictionaries/properly learn to read nihongo, but where's the sport in that?

Jokes aside, if any kind soul can provide me with even rough translations of the various nick-nacks in the images, the help will be greatly appreciated.😁

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