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How do you handle SOL scenes in serious VNs?

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Right now, I'm reading G-senjou no Maou and honestly, I remembered that I personally don't know how to feel about comedy relief scenes. I can't turn off my brain and enjoy good ol' slice of life after the serious plot made me interested and I can't feel serious about it when even the dialogue sometimes makes me crack up a bit. They just give a swirl of confusing feelings in me, especially when there's an underlying conflict between the characters that doesn't get brought up. With some other VNs, I didn't have this, but this VN do makes me feel like that.

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It depends... in some cases, the SOL is handled in such a way that it makes you long for the lost daily life the characters enjoyed (this is the most common reason for SOL inserts).  However, in some games - like G-senjou, they are just inserted as 'breaks' from the crushing realities the characters are enduring.  In all honesty, in most serious games, these interludes are short and relevant.  However, they aren't always.

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Is it really a scene type that people need to adapt to? I would think a change in the environment or tone would be par for the course, sort of like how I never really feel distracted by more severe scenes in moege like fighting or the introduction of darker themes. As far as comic relief in G-Senjou was concerned, while my memory is pretty short-term, I remember the amount of comedic scenes gradually fizzling out towards the end, only Eiichi really pointed a scene in that direction past that point.

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