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MangaGamer announces three new titles

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So, in some sort of Halloween event, MangaGamer announced three new titles. Don't remember them ever announcing stuff on that occasion, but considering Covid 19 killed most cons this year, I guess that's the fallback.

First is a double package consisting of Wanting Wings: Her and Her One Month Romance and its sequel Faraway Feathers: Her and Her Valentine’s Romance from BaseSon.

29541.jpg 37965.jpg

Yeah, that's certainly what everyone wanted from BaseSon. :kasumicry:

Second is Funbag Fantasy 3if from Waffle.


It's interesting that they went straight for the extended if-version this time, but I certainly won't complain since it means that we'll get the new heroine Athena already, who is a real looker. :Chocola:
Anyway, I'm pretty sure Waffle fans will be happy with this.

And last but least there's How to Live a Healthy Hentai Lifestyle! from Clock Up. (NSFW)



This seems to be a 'normal' nukige for a change instead of a splatter festival. No idea if that's the title Clock Up fans wanted to see translated.
Though I have to say that Hamashima Shigeo's art was better than this one. Nevertheless, I don't touch Clock Up titles, so I don't really care.

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20 hours ago, Mr Poltroon said:

@Dergonu I seem to recall you might've played that yuri game. Am I misremembering?

Yes, it was a game I hoped I’d be able to translate myself one day, actually. Oh well. 
It’s cute and fun. Definitely has more substance than something like Sisterly Bliss, despite being about the same length. 
So yeah, it’s good stuff. 

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Well yes I really look forward to Kimihane license instead of Sengoku Koihime or Shin Koihime Musou, and yes I definitely didn't exaggerated it at all.

Seriously their licenses are quite underwhelming to me, although if you tell me that Mangagamer need some money so that they decided to license nukige in order to get some income then I guess I shoudn't comment on their new licenses much. That said, at least Kimihane here looks like good GL VN so I look forward into it a bit. No much to say in regard of Funbag Fantasy 3if other than good that we got the improved version, and that it's good that Waffle still work together with Mangagamer after they ask ShiraVN to localized Eden's Ritter. At least the story of Funbag is well known for being good even though it's a nukige. As for Overclock VN, no comment other than I didn't find the art of the VN is very appealing, then again different people have different taste.

Lastly I can only say that I look forward to the time when Mangagamer reveal their sixth secret project, although when they'll reveal it I don't know. Speaking about secret project, somehow I got the feeling that Nekonyan will reveal two of their secret projects at December or next year January later.

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