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The Curse of Kudan yuri VN released!


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There was a major pun around Koto's name that features in one of the earlier choices, which I had to work around. It was connecting コトコト煮込む to cooking classes, so I changed it to a reference to the koto instrument and music classes instead. There were also references to Japanese urban legends like Kuchizake-onna, but I left those intact since they're important for the Japanese horror flavour of the game. But I don't think there was anything especially obscure. Really, the biggest challenge with translating this writer's work is their prose which tends toward the more "literary" and "ambiguous" side of things, which can be hard to render nicely in English.

The game is actually more plot-focused, so the yuri isn't super strong, but it does permeate the game and has a nice pay off in the epilogues. Sakuya is definitely a big gay 🥰

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13 hours ago, Silvz said:

You say Oshirabu, but isn't it developed by its parent/sister company, who produced Amrilato?

Oops, yes, you're right! It's the same director though ^^

17 hours ago, ChaosRaven said:

Hm, it's tagged as Mystery 3.0. That's certainly interesting, especially considering it's from the same writer like Flowers. The art style reminds me more of Fatal Twelve though. A bit worried about the ratings though - nowhere near either of those.

As for the mystery, the writer draws inspiration from the works of Japanese mystery/horror writers such as Edogawa Ranpo and Seishi Yokomizo, whose work I am personally a fan of. I think the game could have done with being a bit longer to flesh out some of the ideas in the story, but if you're into these genres I think you'll enjoy it!

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