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Ayunda Risu (アユンダ・リス)

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Ayunda Risu (アユンダ・リス) is a female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, as part of its Indonesian (ID) branch first generation of VTubers alongside Airani Iofifteen and Moona Hoshinova.

Risu has a humorous, high-energy and extremely friendly personality. Risu's interactions with Moona and Iofi, other hololive members and anyone in general, has given her the reputation of being exceedingly sweet, kind and personable.

According to herself she can be described as cheerful, clumsy and a crybaby.

She currently have 149 000 subscribers



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Ok, so I missed ID first gen pages already being made, WTH...? :<

ID crew deserves being highlighted, they really chose their initial line-up well. Risu is probably the most straightforward one of the first gen, very much fitting her cute design with her personality. She also has quite a singing and acting talent, and speaks both English and Japanese well. A solid, versatile streamer that you wouldn't be terrified to show to your family, which is a rarity in today's Hololive. 🙃


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The longer I research the more I'm convinced of one thing: to say that Risu is underrated is not saying much~

And a nice take on v-tubing in general as a bonus. I don't think it applies to all of v-tubing (there are definitely people that try too hard or rely on a gimmick), but it definitely captures much of Hololive's success – they pick up people with personalities that easily shine through their v-tuber personas. Ones that use their gimmicks as tools to create entertainment rather than be defined by them. Risu and the whole ID gen 1 are good examples of that, but I think Risu can get particularly chaotic... The "prisuner" theme for her members and the latest Paper, Please playthrough showed me that much. :marie:


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