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Murasaki Shion (紫咲シオン)


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Murasaki Shion (紫咲シオン) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, as part of its second generation of VTubers alongside Minato Aqua, Nakiri Ayame, Yuzuki Choco, and Oozora Subaru.

Shion is a smug, cheeky brat ("kusogaki") who speaks bluntly without the usual politeness/consideration associated with the Japanese language, and flirts shamelessly with other hololive members. She wants to be seen as an adult, but thanks to her childish appearance and mannerisms, all attempts by Shion to appear adult-like end up looking very silly. She has a friendly rivalry with Minato Aqua, and the two can often be seen playing petty and mostly harmless pranks on each other.

One of her most iconic cries is her guttural scream of "NEEEEEEE". This was most famously uttered by Shion after Natsuiro Matsuri revealed that Shion's wet sneezing sounds were heard by Matsuri's listeners in one of her livestreams.

She currently have 444 000 subscribers.


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