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Natsuiro Matsuri (夏色まつり)

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Natsuiro Matsuri (夏色まつり) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, as part of its first generation of VTubers alongside Yozora MelAki RosenthalShirakami Fubuki, and Akai Haato.


Matsuri is an energetic, expressive, and chaotic individual who seems to enjoy doing outrageous (and usually lewd) things simply because she can. Some examples include pressuring Minato Aqua into sleeping next to her in a Minecraft stream, posting a suggestive video on Shirakami Fubuki's Twitter of her moaning Fubuki's name, screaming at Hoshikawa Sara to let her drink her pee, and groping other members off-camera (including Hoshimachi SuiseiShirogane Noel, and Murasaki Shion, among others).

However, underneath her naughty and tomboyish exterior, Matsuri is actually a sensitive, emotionally intelligent young girl who can speak frankly and maturely about a variety of topics. She will sometimes host audio only streams right before she goes to sleep or while in the bath and simply talk to her viewers about her life and her inner thoughts.

She currently have 608 000 subscribers


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