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So, introductions are not my thing but I don’t want to leave a bad impression. 

I’m Allan, also known as AsGryffynn or AstonGryffynn throughout the internet. I’m dedicated to, strictly speaking, content. After being totally disaffected by my career of choice (yeah, a lawyer that regretted his choice is writing this), I decided to indulge the creative side of me that I neglected for millennia and dedicate myself to creative pursuits, of which writing is my favorite and I’ve been doing for at least eight years now. 

As a result of a major windfall, I was always able to quit my day job early on and dedicate myself to writing a book series. However, I also dedicated space for gaming and have had a fascination with narratives like that of the Ori duology and the lore of the Elder Scrolls series. I’m a Microsoft fanboy and total Xbot by the way. 

Visual novels are, however, something that emerged as a response to my dissatisfaction with the PSVita and general Sony VN catalog: all otome games unless you were willing to jailbreak the thing like with iPhones, which have a similar issue (no wonder I’m an Xbot bruh!) and I wanted to resolve. 

I first started by launching a side gig to a much larger project (launched as a way to support my platform of choice and show the world you don’t need to be Final Fantasy to be a great, graphically impressive RPG): developing something I call “VN on Rails” which is more of a method than program. The idea you could run VNDS within a DS emulator on an iOS device. I’m still working on that. 

Which brings me to side gig B: translating. I happen to have staff/colleagues with Japanese knowledge and have a fascination with modding games, including Visual Novels and wish to translate some projects and test them out. 

So that sums up the wagon of infinite to-do lists that is me... greeting and good Foodrum! 

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