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I want to write fanfic, since I have idea for one. 

I'm not good to write in English and I could write in my language so are Norwegian but then I need to translate it in English and I don't know how to do that.

So it's it possible to have someone look through my fanfic and fix my grammar or do I need do it one my own? 


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Is it a VN fanfic...? What you would normally do is to look for an appropriate community and ask around for beta readers and editors. Proofreading and providing feedback for other people's work is very common in fanfiction, but this works only if there is an actual community of people that share your interest in the source material. This means that writing in Norwegian will likely leave you with very limited options, as there's just not that many people using the language. Finding a competent translator might also be a hussle, unless you somehow coerce @Dergonu to do it for you. 😛

I'm honestly not sure what to suggest here, considering your English is indeed pretty clunky (no offence, mine is horrible in its own ways). Unless you're super-hyped for producing great results, you could just use it as a learning experience, tinker with translating it to English, use Grammarly to correct most obvious mistakes, then look for an editor. At the very least, the whole process and the feedback you'll see from an editor will help you improve your English.

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^ what lesiak said


to be honest the machine translators handle swedish/norweigan & danish pretty well. very rarely get to the point where its not understandeble in english. 

but having somebody proof reading and correcting potential errors might be a good idea.

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