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I cannot read the script .mes (Natural 2 -DUO-)

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Hello everyone, a friend asked you to ask for help.
He decided to dig deeper into the archives (.mrc) of the novel Natural -Duo- (https://vndb.org/v4704He extracted the data, found the scripts, but ran into the problem that he could not open the scripts in the normal format so that he could transfer them to the translator. And asks for help from the community

Here is an example script .mes

https://fastpic.ru/view/114/2020/1013/_31b8dda0a7903bf39d1b9b0c390725ae.jpg.html  and https://fastpic.ru/view/114/2020/1013/_3542940577362f95f3540731f6f35b00.jpg.html


File: - https://drive.google.com/file/d/12zFfY5RhuvprEHwLzwHaO7xHzyauUWvb/view?usp=sharing


f it's not difficult, help

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Here thou are... Точнее, нет, лучше так.

Вот небольшой извлекатель строк из сих скриптов (но не запаковщик строк, ибо лень разбирать формат). Его, судя по описанию проблемы, должно хватить:
Here is simple string extractor for this scripts (but, do note, this tool can not pack strings back). This tool, as I see from the description, ought to be enough.

The tool is dual languaged/Средство двуязычно: ADVWin32StringExtractor.

И да, работает на третьем Питоне.
And yes, it's on Python 3.

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