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Anime Winter List of 2020/21

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Oh, Kumoko is finally getting an anime? I thought it was canceled or something. Well, let's hope they don't butcher it. I haven't read the manga, but I heard that it made some really weird changes compared to the LNs. Though, honestly, I'll be really surprised if the first season gets past the labyrinth arc.

And, I guess, I finally need to start Slime LNs before January.

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No much comment for now other than it have too many continuation from the previous series, and that for HealGPC movie it'll be out at March 20 later with the crossover from YPC5 characters (By the way I'm okay with HealGPC episode as long as Toei didn't insert YPC5 characters into one of the episode like back at HugPC when they add FwPC and later the whole Precure into the special episodes).

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