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Hello from (old) new guy

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Hello everyone,

Actually a long time lurker here, as I remember browsing Fuwa around 8-9 years ago, so sorry for late introduction.

I played my first "big" VN at that time, it was G-Senjou no Maou (2011?), I think, maybe I played something smaller earlier but I don't remember. Out of all "otaku" media, I like VNs the best, but it's also very on and off hobby lol, sometimes I play 1 or even 0 VNs a year, sometimes many. In the early days it was often like this: "wow this game looks cool, can't wait to play it 4 years later (or never), after fan translation comes out" or "heyy can't wait for that muramasa release from JAST (xD)"

Nowadays, there are a lot more english releases but now it doesn't matter much I guess, because I'm learning Japanese because of (but not only) those stupid porn games. Lately, I finished (not VNs, JRPG? whatever) Rance 01, 03 and 4, so this year I'm somewhat into VNs/JRPGs with VN elements again. Now I'm playing Chusingura46+1 Bushi no Kodou. Here's my vndb list, although it's not complete and dates are incorrect: https://vndb.org/u44878/ulist?vnlist=1 My favourite is probably Umineko but I never did any proper rankings in my head, so it's hard to tell.
I find it funny how I ended up, considering I disliked any kind of "anime" artstyle when I was a kid...

In my country I never met anyone who played VNs but I also never made any significant effort to find someone who does. In my experience, even for people watching a lot of anime or reading manga, VNs are somewhat obscure with exceptions like Doki Doki or something.

All things considered, I will probably still rarely post there, but if the site ever dies and then, on a funeral you will see a stranger in a coat leaving some flowers on a grave, it's probably me...


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Welcome to Fuwanovel, and you can always do late introduction here if you wish so. You can always ask for some recommendations if you feel the need to read some more Japanese VNs, and yes nowadays we have many kind of VNs being translated which of course a big improvement compared to what we have in the past. About Poland people, I know that mod Lesiak here is from Poland and he focused on OELVN although he know some Japanese VNs if I remember. Other than him, I think there's some other member from Poland if I remember. Lastly I hope that you'll have fun here.

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