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Like the title says, seems like the next waves of PS5's preorders are going to be up for grabs tomorrow (September 25th, 2020) so get to your local game store as early as possible if you want to get yours secured. I leave this Link for those who want for information. Be prepared people, a war is coming lol.

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Well I guess it's good if Square Enix want to release Kingdom Hearts 3.1 or something like that in order to add more lore that allowed the new fans to be curious and allowed KH 3.2 or KH 3 Final Mix being created, or Leaf suddenly decided to created To Heart 3 with 12 heroines and epic story along with obviously only available for PS5, or perhaps just want some new Gran Turismo. Although even if I want to buy it and really able to do it, I think there's a lot more important if we talk about spending, especially at this time of pandemic. Besides, I think it's not really matter if you only play Steam games and never play in console again. The only benefit that I can think about PS5 when it come to RPG is that at least Falcom can have new console to make their new multiple part of Calvard arc and hopefully give us more insight on Ouroborous and their other cadres, although it would take long time anyway and that Falcom likely will release it for PC as well.

tldr - I think it's not quite worth to get as of now because the game library is still lacking, although if you want to play the new game for realistic graphic then go ahead.

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I don't see the problem with only being compatible with PS4 games. It's not the point, I guess? Sure, it would be nice, but it would also be an extra, because the new console is supposed to offer new games [and, sure, PS4 ones for those who skipped the generation]. Also, the price is going to be the same to all platforms, except the switch, so if you think that's expensive, you'll literally not buy games anymore [unless they go on sale]

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