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Visual Novel Monthly Recap - August 2020 Releases and Community News (1 Year Anniversary!)

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Let's see what I can comment for this month, and happy 1st anniversary to Visual Novel Monthly Recap video series there.

Bokuten surely would be a good wake up call for the developer to check their files before bring it to Steam, so hopefully we don't have this kind of incident in the future even though we know that Steam is fairly fickle. Frontwing already released Loca Love Volume 2 in English for a year, although admittedly it's in form of hardcopy which is harder to access. My focus is more on Loca Love Volume 3 though, in that they released the demo for this and that they almost certain will release it in dual languages (English and Japanese) at 25th later.

No comment on OELVN matter, but I think the decision to cut one scene in Evenicle 2 trial is not as bad as it sounds seeing that it's just a trial and more importantly I already see much worse example when it come to censorship. The examples are GIGA and Pulltop in that they didn't even acknowledge that they censored their own VN for overseas release, and while at the same time Alicesoft promised to search for the other storefront and acknowledge the censorship. I know that GIGA here is basically just ask Sekai to censored Baldr Sky, but it still count as censorship from the developer for overseas release. As for Alicesoft's storefront I think Mangagamer here is more than possible, although then again it could be argued that their relationship is worsening so let's see on how Alicesoft will solve their storefront problem.

Because Pulltop censored Miagete overseas release, obviously the release of the FD is quite awkward seeing that it's uncensored. That said, I guess you can treat the sex scene as the fanservice from the original VN lol and I think it shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't think stuff like why the heroines are not virgin or something like that. Nice release on IxShe Tell from Nekonyan, and yeah it did subvert my expectation in that I think Nekonyan will release Hello Lady first. Lastly while I appreciate Nine Episide 3 release, I treat it as September release though so I'll try to talk about the circumstance behind the release at my VNTS Review later.

To conclude August here, while release wise it have some controversy (Evenicle 2 Trial) and awkward one (Miagete FD), I can say that I'm more or less content with the updates here. Especially in regard of Chaos Head Noah in that it show some big updates after long time with no activity, and that we'll see another update at October 1st later.

I guess that's all for what I can write for August here.

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