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Please recommend me visual novels with Gothic lolis!

Vampire Alexander

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Hi. I probably won't be beck a few days so before I leave today I'm leaving this thread. Please recommend me visual novels (H, non-H, doesn't matter) with my favorite style and type of character - Gothic lolis. I would prefer if there was a visual novel with a lot of different gothic lolis but I guess that's rare. But if you know any do tell me. My favorite vn is Hapymaher. So similar to that.

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Nitroplus's games are probably the closest you'll get in English.  Take a look at Saya no Uta and Demonbane.  A Clockwork Ley-Line from Unison Shift is also a good fit.  Black Cyc and 3rdEye also have some titles that qualify.

I've combined the "heroine with a gothic look" and "loli heroine tags" to pull up a list of other titles on VNDB:

The "vampire heroine" tag also tends to give results with goth lolis (including the rare and precious immortal loli):

Last but not least, DLsite has a goth loli tag you can use (as usual, Japan caters better to ladies and gentlemen of culture):

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