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Tutorial on playing untranslated PSP games with PPSSPP+ ITHVNR/Textractor


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While I'm sure this isn't anything new to people who have already been doing this, I wrote a tutorial (with videos) on how to extract text from untranslated JP PSP games using 1) PPSSPP and 2) either ITHVNR or Textractor.


I hope this will be useful to someone :)



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13 minutes ago, adamstan said:

Thanks. It's good to know that Textractor can also work with PPSSPP. I've been using CheatEngine with HookAnyText plugin for that so far.

Thanks for mentioning HookAnyText plugin! Many years ago (around 2013-2014 I think) I used to use CheatEngine to play some PSP games, but HookAnyText plugin didn't exist back then so things were harder. Glad to know that it's easier now!

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