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Jpraser Translation Aggregator problems?

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So i decided to try learning more japanese rather than the hiragana and katakana... I know how to speak it, to a basic, enough to comunicate extent, and as JPraser turns Kanji on to Hiragana or Katakana (for what i have read), i think it would be easier to do it that way. The problem is i found no guide at all of how to make  it work. I instaled Textractor+Translation Aggregation and the JPraser option said "No dictionaries available". I then found the official page i think, and downloaded something, that i put on the library folder of  Translation Aggregation and it somehow worked. Problem? It takes SO MUCH TIME and sometimes it does not translate it correctly. Like it can take 1 min to process some text and, for example now, it has yet to translate some new text. (Its been 20 min or so...) So i dont know if i installed the library incorrectly, or if i have to do something else? please help? 

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I have edict in the folder for dictionaries... It works fine for me (well, the furigana are frequently incorrect due to a poor conjugation calculation systme, but figuring out which ones were right definitely  made me better at understanding japanese).  

As for it being slow to display in jparser... are you just leaving your computer on or in sleep mode when you aren't around?  If so, then you might just need to restart your pc.  

Otherwise... I honestly don't know what to say.  TA is antiquated... in a good way.  The basic jparser function of reading the computer's clipboard and displaying Japanese characters with furigana is not terribly complex (after all, it managed to avoid being disabled by all the Windows 10 updates to today).  More likely, it is an issue with your computer, rather than the program itself.

Oh, one issue with TA... it doesn't work well if you have a word processing program on at the same time.  For some reason, it interferes with TA's ability to read the clipboard.

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16 hours ago, Galahad said:

 I then found the official page i think, and downloaded something

Blindly downloading and installing things without understanding what you're doing is probably the source of the issue. 

Post a screenshot of your dictionaries directory.  It should look similar to this:

If the edict2 dictionaries are much larger than mine, they're compressed, or you have other dictionaries in the directory, that's probably your issue.

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