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Any way to switch to some kind of dark mode on the current site theme?

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5 hours ago, adamstan said:

And if my eyes don't deceive me, previous default theme is "Spectrum" one. (Or it's the one I've been using so long that I started to think about it as a default one ;) ).

Just for the record, I seem to recall that the current theme used to be the default one at some point in the past. Probably, before I even made an account here. I personally prefer Spectrum, so I pretty much instantly switched back to it after it was changed. :)

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9 hours ago, Zalor said:


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Also a rare sighting of Tay reminiscing about Aaeru.

Tay just misses the exhilarating adventure of being first mate of a pirate ship leading a FuwaFabulous experiment to free the world from intellectual property.  If only he could return to those days and relive them.

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