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Visual Novel Monthly Recap - July 2020 Releases and Community News (ft. Steam controversies)

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First of all my condolence to the late Raide in regard of his death.

As for my comment about July, I guess it's somehow we have exciting releases in odd numbered month while so far the exciting releases are happen in the even numbered month. Considering that there's no much interesting release in August so far (Other than IxShe Tell I mean), I wonder what we'll see in September later in regard of release. And while I know that we'll going to have Evenicle 2 demo at 17th later, it's still partial so it didn't count. Let me summarize what I think about July below.

I would say that I'm interested with both of aforementioned Evenicle 2 and Hypno (Or perhaps I should say Hollow), and I look forward to the latter Kickstarter. Also while I did comment on how Evenicle didn't really need sequel urgently, I still look forward to the eventual full translation of that. Speaking about gameplay VN, I know that Rhapsody here is not that polished in term of both of gameplay and story compared to the other Eushully VNs, but still more properly translated Eushully VNs is always good news (At lease I didn't need to see 'gomen' translated as 'noodle' like back at Soukoku (My experience using the MTL-ed narration patch)) and so good luck to the team in regard of Grasesta.

I can always say that Hoshimemo release is a redundant one, although at least HD graphic is nice to see I guess. That say, my interest in regard of Sekai announcements is obviously not Hoshimemo HD version, but instead it's in regard of both Harukuru release plan and Nine Episode 4. As for Harukuru release plan at 2020, let's see if Sekai can do it although I know that the chance they can do it is quite dubious. For Nine Episode 4, obviously the art here is the main draw seeing that it's Tsubasu and all. That said, apparently the story will be interesting so yeah I'll look forward to this. I understand if Sekai need some more time to translate this, because it's more longer compared to the prequels (They already have 30% of it being translated at least). About Rewrite+ delay, if they need some time no problem to me (It's just redundant release to me anyway, especially after I know that there's no much change in regard of the scripts). 

To be honest, I'm not quite interested at Mangagamer's pseudo AX announcements. As for Macchiato, actually the heroines is just the real human who cosplay catgirls in the cafe. Although I understand though if you think the heroines as the catgirl, because after all I also think like that. No much comment about Juangshi x Daoshi that was translated by the late Conjueror, but at least the opening is quite catchy. About Tsui no Sora remake, I guess SCA-DI really need to make the remake of his Magnum Opus at 10 years each, although that said Subahibi as the 2009 of Tsui no Sora is still fine enough art wise so actually we didn't really need the remake. Although if SCA-DI want to elaborate more in regard of Elhimuro Precure in the new remake (Even though I doubt that he can do it), then go ahead.

Nice to see that Photonmelodies and Phantom Trigger Vol. 7 being released, even though I think both of those are only milking attempt of very well known VNs (Muv Luv and Grisaia respectively). For Steam conflict, well at least the problem is sort of resolved after turned out that the files is really have the problematic 18+ CG. That said, it could be quite a wake up call in that the company should absolutely make sure that the game files should be clean from 18+ CG before send the game to Valve to be reviewed. I know that Valve can use some less problematic way, although perhaps they thought that banned the game directly is more easier compared to sent some email to Mangagamer. I understand completely, because it mean that the writer of the email need to think on the content and how to be polite, while at the same time I'm sure that they have hundred if not thousands game to be reviewed and not to mention the reports to handle, so yeah Valve reviewer may in need of some letter writing along with time management training.

Lastly Flowers Autmn is nice release, and looks like JAST will release each volumes with two years interval. Of course I know that JAST need to announce Flowers Winter, but when they'll do it is still unknown (They'll probably do it at AX 2021). With this it mean that three quarter of the tetralogy was already available, and of course it's good news for Flowers fans.

I guess that's all for what I can write here.

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