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[Lune] games(AGE_System) laggy with severe fps drops

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Does anyone else have problems with games from Lune/Marigold?
I'm almost positively sure this should be due to an incompatibility issue on my end but I've tried so solve myself did not have any luck.


It plays fine and its not very noticeble at first... But when there are big transitions you can notice that the game is laggy. e.g: When opening the options menu the animations kinda gets frozen for a split-second.
I checked the FPS and it stays at barelly 25-30~. But drops a bit to 15-20 when a transitions occour.
Also a very strange behavior.... If you move the mouse through the start menu options the FPS drops very fast. It gets to 8 FPS if you scroll the mouse up and down the options twice.
Probably because of the highlight animations of the buttons. My guess is that any form of animation/transition can not be handled well.

My main problem is that the skip function is kinda slow when the game is this way so games that have a big common scenario takes quite a while to go through even with the skip.
The skip is only 2x maybe 3x faster than clicking manually really fast.


Just curious if this is a common problem or if anyone knows a probable way to solve it.


PS: Just for reference I have a 1070 GTX and a i7-7700 so it is not a problem with available performance. I also updated the Nvidea drivers to the latest one but this problem has been happening for years already so not much hope there.

Also for reference. I mainly tested with Meikoku Gakuen 1 and Revenge Room when trying to fix it but it happens on any of the games about the same way.



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