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Who is your favorite protagonist?

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Who? I like proactive protagonists, especially in the romance department, and also who aren't useless during the entire game (this is what disappointed me the most in the 11eyes protagonist, he is not that useless, but he only does important things late in the game, but I like him either way, at least he acknowledges and does something about it, and I kinda wanted Hiroshi from Tsujidou being more useful in fights at some point but whatever, at least he pulls off some things the others can't), I also like when they have some kind of ability or secret the other characters don't, which makes them stand out, liking big boobs is a plus in my book also :D, well, my favorites are 2 since I can't decide just one:

Kazami Yuuji from Grisaia: This guy is awesome, he is quite serious most of the time but is quite entertaining at dealing with strange/funny situations also, he is super strong and smart and solves the situation even when it seems impossible, but he struggles really hard and isn't just an invincible warrior, treats his girlfriends pretty well and does anything to protect them.

Lute Hende from Kyonyuu Fantasy: This man is quite unique, he doesn't seem to be anything special at the beginning but then you start to see there is something off with him, he is actually capable of doing things that no one else can, I can't tell much since it will be spoiler, the way he responds to people is extremely entertaining also.

Following those are Tomoya from Clannad, Hiroshi from Tsujidou, Kotarou from Rewrite, not necessarily in this order since it's hard to decide this.

Well, I'd like to hear your opinion.

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It's quite hard to decide. If the protagonist is decently written, I kind of don't notice him too much. It's the bad ones that tend to stick out :P

I agree that Clannad's Tomoya was a good one. I also liked Aoi from Konosora, Shingo from Mashiro Iro Symphony and Subaru from Amber Quartz, but I tend to focus more on heroines ;)

Ah, another good one would be Hisao from Katawa Shoujo I think.


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Kazami Yuuji (Grisaia) : Well, this is the pretty much mandatory in every list for best protagonist for me

Rance : Even though I'm not fond with guy from earlier part of the series but this guy is freaking badass in Rance 9 and 10

Ushiromiya Battler : It's freaking Battler

Celica Sylphil from Ikusa Megami series : Watching this man development from Ikusa Megami Zero and Verita is really something else.

Niimi Kakeru from 9 nine : I like this guy. This guy remind me of Kadakora Kou from Baldr Sky but with more reserved feeling.His conversation with his sister Sora (best brocon),makes this guy easier to relate and connect.

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Yuuji's still the one I like most. A few other favorites are Yamato from Majikoi, Achi from 428: Shibuya Scramble, Haruaki from Raging Loop, Date from AI: Somnium Files and Tomoe from Bokuten. All in all, I have a preference for capable, assertive protagonists with established personalities. I'm not a big fan of the self-insert protagonist type.

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Mortia Kenichi from Sharin no Kuni. Some people say that he was the inspiration for Grisaia's Yuuji (they do have a bunch of similarities), but I like Kenichi more, because he's the troll master.

Yuuji wouldn't be in my top 3 anyway. There's Okarin from Steins;Gate and Battler from Umineko who are just too good.

While Kenichi is my most favorite because he's simply way too cool and also makes the non-dramatic moments very fun to read, both Okarin and Battler are much better in terms of being able to sympathize with them. Umineko wouldn't be as enjoyable if the protagonist didn't let you immerse yourself into the story so easily. Umineko did use a sprite for the protagonist and the point of view wasn't exclusively locked to scenes he participated in, but Battler made me feel as if I had an ally in the story, at least one character that you care about regardless of the developments. And Steins;Gate just wouldn't be Steins;Gate without the eccentric mad scientist.

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My five favourite VN protagonists so far would be:

5) Hisao Nakai from Katawa Shoujo. He’s fifth because some routes have him behave differently than others. I personally enjoyed the one we see in Shizune’s route (seriously, stop attacking those that like her!), but the one in Hanako’s route caters to different people than me, whereas the one in Rin and Emi’s routes is hard to like. As a result, I’ll just say there are better protagonists than him.

4) Syouko Osanai from Aoishiro. For me, she’s better than Emiya Shirou, as she’s way smarter and has more personality.

3) Shirou Emiya from FSN. The only reason I consider him better than Syouko is his badassery in Heavens Feel. Even though I don’t like Sakura as a heroine. .-.

2) Shiki Toono from Tsukihime. Much better than Shirou, with interesting powers and better personality.

1) Yuu Atou from Narcissu. Tragic protagonist, from a VN that still keeps it’s beauty even today. Just the way I like it.

Would add Guy from Sekien no Inganock for the first place, but since I have yet to finish the VN, I won’t do it.

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Shigure Sora from Devils Devel Concept- Arrogant, lackadaisical yet dutiful, animalistic yet intelligent, and cold-hearted yet kind.  Sora is the type of protagonist who is difficult to define, probably because he is easier to define by his inhumanity rather than his humanity.  Lacking in the softer emotions and possessing a natural tendency toward domination and destruction, it is unsurprising that the women that would be attracted to him were equally unusual.

Narita Shinri from Hello, Lady- ... if you've played Hello, Lady, you will inevitably either laugh your ass off at this guy's antics or hate him outright.  Narita Shinri is melodramatic, justifiably arrogant (in other words, he can back up his bark), perverted, and more than a little wordy.  This is a man who can present a genuine smile to those around him while his gut boils with hatred and a cold rage that has been building for over a decade.  This is a man who can be honestly loving with those he cares about while coldly murdering those he hates.  

Shiranui Yoshikazu from Evolimit- A survivor of the first expedition to land on and colonize Mars, Shiranui is a man all-too-familiar with overcoming impossible obstacles.  Without hesitation, he gave up a part of his mind to the spirit of the girl whose heart was transplanted into him;p without hesitation, he rises to the occasion when he is needed, even when it tears him apart; and without hesitation, he will always stand between those he cares about and what would harm them.  A hero in a number of senses, you would never be able to tell from his everyday joker/pervert persona, his tendency to go for the punchline even when it gets the shit beaten out of him by the females in his life.

Zephyr Colerain from Silverio Vendetta- Zephyr is an anomaly on my list of favorite protagonists.  He is not a paragon of virtue, nor a villain on a grand scale, nor even an anti-hero with a strange ethos that stands outside normal humanity.  No, Zephyr is the epitome of the Japanese concept of 俗 or the vulgar masses.  A mass of complexes, a deserter and lazy bum whose greatest achievements involved killing enemies of the state and betraying that same state for his adoptive sister, he is a person who would, logically, draw nothing but disgust if he were written about in any different manner than he was.  A man who found that, whatever he achieved, whatever successes he had, those very successes would always result in him facing a worse tribulation, a more difficult problem soon after.  In the end, he reached the breaking point, and he doesn't even try to hide his true nature anymore.  

Asagiri Kaito from Akatsuki no Goei- Another arrogant personality, a cunning, highly intelligent young man who hides his abilities out of habit.  He can absorb most skills with minimal effort, and his (rather horrifying) childhood has inured him to suffering to a degree that defies common sense.  Since most trouble in life presents no real obstacle to him anymore (even the potential consequences he sees as no trouble at all), he has a tendency to act like the world belongs to him, speaking and reacting on impulse to get a more interesting result that might make him feel more alive.  He has no real emotional vulnerabilities because there is almost nothing out there that bothers him, and as for physical threats... well, just feel sorry for the other guy.

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Usually I never pay attention much to the MC, although if I may name perhaps it would be Subahibi's MC seeing that his story is quite interesting.


Also please don't name Takuji as Subahibi's MC, because it's very wrong and that he's being crazy. But instead you should call him as Tomosane seeing that it's the true identity of the body, and the one who ultimately the main focus of the body. While I know that it's wrong to call Takuji as Subahibi MC, at the same time I understand why people call him as such because it's been promoted by the company itself.

Other than Subahibi's MC, I guess Loki of Frontier may close at the second place. I wonder if I can like Narita if Nekonyan release Hello Lady later, although to find that answer I should try it later.

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