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Will anyone translate Walkure Romanze and Koikishi Purely ☆ Kiss

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^that + after stories of the girls in the original game



You're misunderstanding something. More&more is essentially a sequel that covers the other routes the main vn left out.

So which is the focus of this project the original or the More&more version? And does really matter? Are we missing anything special?

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More&More is like MajiKoi S. It includes new routes that run alongside the original routes as well as after stories for the original routes. We currently have no plans to translate More&More.

I suppose we should deal with the original first and maybe think about More&More.  But at this rate it will be a long while before we get there. If we ever get there.

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OK, before I start, let me apologise... 


Sorry for acting MIA for a long time now  :(

-- I'm disappointed in myself and feel really guilty.


The reason for my absence is my part-time job (overtime since it's nearly christmas) and college (moderation day is coming up and I've been working my but off to get my coursework top notch).

It's been driving my nuts to the point of exhaustion that I find it difficult to cope...

BUT!  :o


However, from tonight onwards, I will be active ONCE again!!!  :D

-- I probably won't be available on IRC all the time but in this conversation I will.


A Blogger site will be online today, and once I sort out a more decent website for the translation, it will do for now.


I will send derpigreg the script, then request REtrans another link for Joshyan.

The plan is:


1. We'll get the prologue completed first (derpigreg & Joshyan can do it together or separate)

2. Then, a couple of editors will check and produce the final translated text

3. I will let REtrans know and see if he can create a patch for the game.

4. Afterwards, quality checker/testers will run the game and report back any problems. 

5. Correct the bugs

6. Release!!


During the release, a link to the game will be posted to the thread so people can download it and play. Hopefully during the meantime, we can recruit some more people, especially graphics and video subbing.


Head of TL: No one(staring at Joshyan)
Head of editing:Mizore Man
Head of quality checking: No one
Head of testing: No one


I think that's all, so now I'm going back to the thread and apologise to everyone and tell them that we are going to start BABY!!  :D

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