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Old Fart Returns - Episode 2

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It’s been a while. About 4 years since I was last an active member of the community, but I have been logging in and stocking your profiles occasionally ever since then :nico: 

For those who don’t know me I was a board mod albeit for a very short time. Also tried to lead some translation projects, all at probably the worst time as I had been accepted into my biochemistry major at that time (and that’s why you haven’t seen me)

I haven’t been reading a lot of visual novels lately. Though I’m planning on going through Summer Pockets soon if I can find the time. Still watching lots of anime, have spent over 100 hours of my existence in front of Japanese cartoons. 

I will probably pitter around the light topics from time to time. See you out there~

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41 minutes ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

Welcome to new, half-dead Fuwa, old-timer! I hope you'll stay for a while unlike everyone else who announced their returns in the past two years. :P

Yeah the forums are pretty quiet, though I won’t be able to help much :notlikemiya: my knowledge about current events in the community is dated to say the least.

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9 minutes ago, Zalor said:

I've been practically half-dead on these forums myself since 2015. I remember you though, if that means anything. Nice to have another oldtimer return. It looks like your like me, you can't leave this place.


I remember you as well. It helps me a lot with how many people have the same forum avatar they did back then :makina:

But yes we are here forever https://youtu.be/d3b8LswWO1A


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15 minutes ago, Heizei_koukousei said:

It helps me a lot with how many people have the same forum avatar they did back then :makina:

That's actually the main reason why I never change my avatar lol. That and it just feels weird to change it at this point.

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Welcome back to Fuwanovel, and actually you didn't really that old yet seeing that you is just slightly younger than my little sister. While Fuwanovel is pretty much have been changed a lot, I think more or less is still the same in the end (Probably). Lastly sorry for the belated greeting, and I hope that you'll have fun again here.

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